… and a solution.

BEING AN INTERIOR DESIGNER IS EXCITING, but one of our frustrations is when we are contacted by people who have a simple query about a single room or aspect of interior design but neither the need, the time nor the budget to take on a full project. The sort of things we hear most often are:

  1.  How can I update my bathroom?
  2. I’d like to add colour to my kitchen. How do I achieve that and what colours work?
  3. I love dark colours but I’m unsure how to add these to my scheme without it looking too dark and dreary.
  4. We’re installing a new kitchen but I don’t know where to start.
  5. Our spare bedroom is small, how can I make the best use of this space?
  6. We need to incorporate a study in our lounge. How do we do this?
  7. I have no idea what the right colours for this room are.
  8. Our house feels cold, how do we add warmth?
  9. We want an “indoor/outdoor” home. How do we achieve this?
  10. I want my new sitting room to stand the test of time but still look modern. How do I achieve this?

If any of these ring bells with you, the good news is we’ve come up with a solution – a Virtual Consultancy. Our new service will enable us to share our experience with you and give you personal, undivided attention. We will spend some time researching your situation and then, via a video line, discuss the solution with you.

For more information about this service, click on Virtual Consultation in the menu above.

Looking forward to working with you.

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