“THE BASIC RULE OF GOOD LIGHTING is not a hidden secret,” says Marion Falchi of Falchi Interiors. “Every room needs three layers of lighting: ambient, task and accent. But the trick is to choose the right finishes for each of these and know where to place them. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the art of getting a room’s lighting perfect has become a skill that often involves the eye of an expert.

If you’re looking to update your existing lighting arangement and searching for some inspiration, here are some examples taken from recent projects that we’ve undertaken that might help.

Frosted glass and antique brass
Suspended bedside lamps
Layered lighting
Shadow lighting
Cute bedsides
Light as art
Glass clusters
Mixed media: linen and concrete
Function and style
Modern chandeliers
Frosted concrete
Metallic finishes: table lamp
Architectural insets
Matt black
LED accents
Modern chandeliers: 2
Nostalgic bare bulbs
Organic matt black: 1
Modern chandeliers: 2
Function and style: 2
Modern chandeliers: 3
Organic matt black; 2
Metallic shades

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