HOW  DOES YOUR HOME MAKE YOU FEEL AND IN PARTICULAR, YOUR BEDROOM, the place where you go to rest and recharge your batteries? Does it make your feel relaxed or unsettled? If the latter, it could be that some of the necessary elements are missing. So,on the assumption that you’ve chosen your bed (and that’s a whole other topic) and decided whether or not a TV works in the this room for you (everyone has their own opinion), here’s our checklist of bedroom must-haves.

1. The best quality bedding you can afford.

The variety of fibres available now from Egyptian cotton to bamboo has made choosing the right bedding to suit you, your approach to sustainability and how much effort you are prepared to put into caring for it a lengthy and very personal procedure. We still ere on the side of Egyptian cotton in the highest thread count our clients are prepared to support.

2. Textural layers: cushions and throws

These add layers of texture to the overall sensation of the room (for texture read cosiness) and are one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to refresh your bedroom décor if you so desire.

3. Your headboard

We’re big fans of personalised headboards. They set the tone for the room and are a good way of expressing favoured style. Our preferred choices are also always functional (forget the old cast iron head clampers).

4. A bedside table

And preferably one that doubles up as a storage opportunity too. How can you relax without somewhere to lay your book, glasses, water or whatever it is that you need to hand to help you rest?

5. Good bedside lighting

We’re frequently installing a table lamp and a reading light these days. One for mood, the other for function.

6. Window coverage

What do you require from your window coverage? Curtains and blinds can both block out light and add warmth, although in our opinion curtains are better if this is important to you. With very few exceptions, always choose a floor to ceiling curtain.

7. An accent chair

We’re often asked to create a “nook” for a quiet moment and the accent chair in a bedroom can serve this purpose. It also helps to add to the feeling that this is somewhere to relax.

8. Enough storage

Scattered belongings do nothing to create calm or to enhance the life of your clothing. When planning or refitting a bedroom make adequate storage space a priority. Most fitted wardrobe systems come with versatile and nifty interior storage solutions and lighting to make the whole what to wear process so much easier.

9. Mirror(s)

Most bedrooms need two – one good full length and one, possibly with magnifying capabilities, for closer scrutiny.

10. Room to display

Gather things you love around you be it artwork, books, souvenirs or photographs and decide on how and where you are going to display them. Apart from bringing layers of style to your room these things are a feel-good confirmation of who you are and what is important to you.

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