Easing back into our new post-pandemic lives, many of us are re-evaluating how we use our home space and for what. However, finding joinery off the shelf that fits with our new requirements and existing interiors, or interior plans, can take a lot of time and expense, often without achieving the desired result.

This is where bespoke comes into its own.

Need more storage? A home office or bar? All that TV and audio equipment or washing machine and dryer hidden away? In any situation where optimum use of existing space, dual function, personalised fittings or a special finish is required, a bespoke commission delivers. As well as providing exactly what you want, it brings a sense of satisfaction from creating something unique and purposeful, the feel good factor of supporting local businesses – important in this time when sustainability is on everyone’s minds – and the knowledge that you may be creating something of an heirloom.

Dramatic lighting enhances the display Photo: Anna Stathaki

Entertaining at home

Sales of home bars, cocktail making equipment and alcohol have risen over the last year and forecasters believe that the trend of entertaining at home is likely to continue once we have recovered from the excitement of being able to go out to dinner once again. The home-bar above was designed for a client who loves to entertain in a formal sitting room and has the space to devote to a purpose-built cabinet, but we’ve also discussed ideas for bars in other parts of the home, including the kitchen, with our clients.


Built-in utility rooms

If a utility room is not a priority, where is the best place to store the washing machine and dryer, the ironing board and iron?

“Most of my laundry is generated on the first and second floors of my house so the new “laundry” is going to be housed in a bespoke cupboard in the first floor family bathroom,” says Falchi Interiors founder, Marion Falchi. This is a trend that many interior designers are following on social media.

Whether you chose a bespoke cupbard in the bathroom, fitting out an awkward alcove or utilising space on a landing or in the kitchen, having your laundry equipment built in to your requirements ensure it’s just right for you and your wash-day needs.

Dryer and washing machine hidden away

Multi-functioning rooms

From family room to formal dining via bespoke storage

If working or studying from home has become the new norm for your family, likelihood is it’s a practice that will continue. If you’ve claimed the dining room as your new office/study, how about having a wall of cupboards built in to hideaway all the paraphernalia when not in use or turn your sitting room into a sitting room/diner. In this client’s house, above, a wall of bespoke cupboards and shelves houses all the family’s recreational needs but is elegantly closed away when the room needs to turn into a formal dining room.

The home office

If a dedicated home office is not a priority, with considered planning even the smallest spare room, awkward space, box bedroom or cupboard under the stairs can be fitted out to fulfill the function of home office. A run of cupboards along one wall in this client’s office keeps all the equipment, printer and files neatly tidied away. A bookcase lines the opposite wall.

Custom-made drawers contain files and the printer Photos: Anna Stathaki

Reviewing wardrobes

Has lockdown left you desperate for a clothes shopping spree or have you spent the time weeding out your wardrobe? Or perhaps it’s a combination of both?  Whichever, good storage is a part of caring for your clothes and whether it’s in a wall of bespoke wardrobes, a walk-in wardrobe or a complete dressing room, customised storage built to accommodate your needs will definitely help you to get the most out of the clothing you own.

Custom-made shelves can be fitted into awkward corners

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