TIS THE SEASON to “snuggle” up

COME THIS TIME OF THE YEAR  and the urge to cosy up or nestle down is strong. Whether it’s the season or a trend, we’re finding that many clients are requesting a room or space that could happily be given the label “snug” or “nook”.

So, here’s our guide to what makes a good nook.

  • The idea of a snug/nook is that it’s a place to relax and follow pursuits that satisfy the soul. Now this can be done in an awkward space, a corner, or an entire room. The important thing is to consider what is required to create the opportunity and generally this is comfort (which may involve a side table or footstool), warmth and appropriate lighting.
Layers of texture in chair, cushion, curtains and wallpaper create a cosy corner in this masculine bedroom.
A window seat in a hallway takes advantage of the soft light from a front window.
  • A snug/nook doesn’t have to be about dark colours or sumptuous fabrics, but it does need sensuality. This can be in the style or provenance of a chair, the texture of upholstery, accompanying cushions or paintings on the walls.
In the corner of this bedroom, a boucle covered chair provides the opportunity for a quiet moment.
  • While most people will think of a snug/nook as somewhere to read, maybe your favourite free moments are spent listening to or playing music, appreciating fine wine, doing crosswords or writing letters?
Fabric layers and favourite artwork make this snug sitting room an ideal space for our client to listen to music.
All the necessary equipment is tucked away in bespoke cabinetry.
Rich fabrics, great lighting, favoured artwork: the perfect snug/nook.
The distinctly masculine air of this snug/nook is created by the faux ostrich upholstery.
  •  While looking for a space to breathe and recharge, consider how you will recline! While an armchair is the obvious, a chaise longue, sofa, window seat, bean bag, even a well positioned stool could do the job.
In this contemporary home, this sumptuous sofa, made for relaxing on, is set beneath a pretty window.
In an expansive dressing area, a box seat provides space for a moment's rest.
  • Light, both artificial and natural, plays a big part in the success of a snug. If you’re starting from scratch, is there a spot in your home where the light is at its most beautiful?
  • If you’re squeezing  in your snug/nook, focus on the soft furnishings – cushions, throws – to mark your territory and create the right atmosphere. Create a cocooning space by surrounding yourself with things that you love: artwork, books, fabrics, wallpaper, colours.

Photographs:  Anna Stathaki, Todd Sutherland, Paul Craig, Molly Gatcum.

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