Taking A Look At Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a flooring material made from pieces of granite and marble set into concrete and then smoothed to give a cut through effect. Primarily used on walls and floors, this trend setting finish is now moving into textiles and artwork. Here at Falchi, we have recently been sourcing Terrazzo for an upcoming project and so wanted to do some more research into the colour ways, finishes and creative uses for this fabulous design.

Most popularly this material is used on walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens. This is because of its hardy nature and its ability to make itself a centre piece. We love these images below sourced from Pinterest which show Terrazzo in different colours and locations. Although we are loving the colourful type you can also go for a monochrome look with greys, whites and blacks which would look equally as stunning. Terrazzo also lends itself well to mixing with metals such as brass and sliver, we have seen this done with metal inlays on floors and hardware such as taps shown in the images below.

After seeing Tarrazzo in hardy areas of the house we then saw a shift, as is normally the case, into textiles and more decorative finishes. This is great for if you don’t want to make such a permanent change to your interior and just want to see accents of this new trend. Cushions, throws, artwork and trinkets will all refresh your space with this intricate detail. We loved this wallpaper from Ferm Living – they also have a whole range of Terrazzo accessories which are well worth a look at.

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