Styling Murals Wallpaper – Home Bar Design

Styling Murals Wallpaper - Home Bar Design

Fancy yourself a new home bar design? We have you covered this week with some inspiration from the wonderful Murals Wallpaper. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Henri Matisse, Murals Wallpaper have brought out a collection called ‘Naive Shapes’ which references Matisse’s later work. The wallpaper is fun, fresh and perfect for a bar area. Using the wallpaper as inspiration we have drawn from the funky shapes and muted colours to create a sleek and mid century feeling look. Using a wallpaper like this will make a focal point within your interior and a fabulous backdrop for any room.

The wallpaper was inspired by Henri Matisse’s later work when ill health meant he created his artwork using paper cut outs. This inspiration gives a playful look to the wallpaper. Check out the full collection here.

All accessories were sourced from Amara.