PRESS REFRESH for your sitting room

WHAT ROOM DO YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME RELAXING IN? Apart from the hours spent sleeping in the bedroom, my guess is the answer is your sitting room. This hardworking space takes quite a beating from family use but when the time comes and you start to think about a refurb, the investment is a serious one.

Photo: Todd Sutherland

So in the interests of economy (or maybe just an excuse for a refresh), the team at Falchi Interiors have come up with a few ideas to ring the changes.

Photo: Anna Stathaki
Curtain call

Getting curtains right and making the most of your window space is an art and one for which it’s best to call in the professionals, that’s why so many people opt for blinds or shutters or something neutral that blends into the background. Like upholstery, the choice of curtain fabric and colour can pull together your room or make a statement about your style. If you’re not working with a designer, take your time to choose you curtains, sometimes the right thing will reveal itself when you’ve lived with the space for a bit. On the other side of the coin, finding a fabric that you love can pull together an entire colour scheme.

Photo: Anna Stathaki
Reupholster a favourite piece of furniture

“I have a thing about chairs and especially chairs that have a family connection such as my father’s favourite or a cute nursing chair that my mother bought shortly before she passed,” says Jaki Willson, who looks after our PR & Marketing. “The solution to keeping them relevant is having them reupholstered.”
Reupholstering isn’t cheap, but with our current focus on sustainability, it’s a good way to recycle furniture. It is also a clever way to add layers to your room, by introducing a new fabric, or it can cohesively pull a scheme together and create a new focal point.

Regenerate your fireplace

Almost without exception, the fireplace is the centrepiece of a sitting room. When you’ve spent a long time looking at the same fireplace, unless you love it, this could be the time to update it.

This isn’t a job for your average DIY-er and it may be that you want to call in some professional design help to ensure that any changes you make co-ordinate with the rest of the room. Spend some time on Pinterest discovering what inspires you before branching out.

Marion Falchi, our creative director, recently had a Victorian fireplace removed from her sitting room and a log burner installed. It took expert help from Maidenhead Fireplace and Stove Centre to get the installation right and the results are exactly what she wanted.

Photo: Todd Sutherland
How’s your storage

Shelving not only serves a practical purpose, but it’s the home-stylist’s dream, the ideal place to display favourite books, ceramics, candles and souvenirs that express your style and your history. Alcoves are the perfect place for free-standing or bespoke units, but what about something a little more personal like this wall of cupboards we designed and built with Harry James Interiors.

Sort out the seating

So, you love your décor, but is it time for a new sofa? A new sofa is an investment so be sure you know what you want and whether it will fit in with your room and fit through any doors it needs to pass through before arriving at its destination. What style would work for you? Do you need something long, modular and versatile for the family to stretch out on or would you like something more cocooning such as one of the lovely curvy styles that are so popular at the moment? Perhaps you’re a traditionalist and would prefer a chesterfield or would a sofa bed solve some of you guest-accommodating problems?

Whatever you go for, be sure to try it out beforehand, don’t just settle for something beautiful but unapproachable!

Light Up Your Space

If your lighting is purely functional or was bought on the spur of the moment, now’s the time to look for something fabulous that will steal attention. Whatever you taste there’s a huge array of shapes and sizes on the market and they don’t have to cost a fortune. Beware of buying something that it on trend though, unless you’re prepared to be changing it every year or two.

Handles, sockets and switches

It’s the details that add the finishing touches to any interior plan. A classic interior door can be given a stylish twist with the right choice of handle. A co-ordinated finish for sockets and plugs is far more of a statement than random fixtures. It’s also interesting the difference the various finishes – matt, brushed, polished in black, silver, gold or brass – can subtly add to your interior colour palette.

Photo: Paul Craig
Discover wallcoverings

“Several seasons ago I began to feel that painted walls were looking too flat and cold for some of the interiors that I was working on and investigated wallcoverings,” says Marion. “There are so many great choices out there now, especially by companies such as Arte and Romo, that add texture and warmth to a wall. Of course, there are still occasions when a painted wall is the right choice but these wallcoverings are a great way of updating a room to dramatic effect.”

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