Our Favourite 2019 Interior Design Trends

Our Favourite 2019 Interior Design Trends

Happy New Year!

New year, new interior design trends … we love seeing what is predicted for each year but this can sometimes be overwhelming so we have whittled down to 3 trends we will definitely be using this year.

Firstly we have patterned backsplashes. A bit of a strange one but we are now starting to see people be more creative with their backsplash and leaving the plain glass or tile in the past. Using patterned tile or a strong marble will bring your kitchen to life and set it apart as a bespoke design.

Patterned Backsplash 2019 Trends

Next we have a trend straight from the cat walk, fringing! Tassels were big in 2017 and are making a come back in the way of fringing on larger interior items such as mirrors, sofas and curtains. This brings back the boho style and again the bespoke element of design which we love.

Fringing 2019 Interior Design Trends

We have loved designing spa-style bathrooms in 2018 but this is now developing into having more of a bold finish in 2019. Deep colours and bold materials will take the place of the original minimal style of your typical spa bathroom.

Dark Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2019