Monochrome Interior Design

Turn Your Home To Monochrome

Monochrome. The timeless classic you can never go wrong with. Monochrome interior design has never really gone out of trend or been forgotten but this year we will be seeing a lot more of it! Changing your colour scheme to black, white and any shade in between will change your home in a very modern approach!

Whether you use bright whites or creams, gold accents and mirrors; they all work really well within a monochrome colour schemes. We love this monochrome interior design with mirrored fretwork bedside tables, Greek inspired throw and gold wall art. A perfect mixture of materials.

Instead of having a brilliant white tone why not opt for an off white or cream? Doing so will add warmth and soften the look.

Monochrome interior design mixed with greys will add depth to the room. Paired with deep black lines, stripes and natural materials gives the design a Scandinavian quality.

Monochrome mixed with natural materials such as wood, rattan, plants and cotton are an on trend classic. There will be a lot more of folk infused designs during this year, with some collaborating with black and white. Just like this monochrome interior design- it doesn’t have to always be so stark!

Black and white makes a interesting but simplistic twist on children’s bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries, varied with light woods and fleecy materials this design scheme is a modern approach from the typical children’s colours…suitable for both boys and girls!

Loving black and white doesn’t mean you are necessarily scared of colour! Add a burst of colour to your design by bringing in coloured cushions, pillows or some bright accessories. Monochrome looks striking with soft or strong colours so the choice is yours!

Feature walls are a brilliant way to put a dash of monochrome in your home without changing it too much. Create a feature wall out of photos and frames and you have a simple alternative to see the benefits of black and white in your home.

 A few well chosen accessories will ensure you keep this hardy trend in your preferred capacity!

 Featuring in furniture, artwork, fabrics and pretty much everything else; monochrome is one of the leading trends for 2016. Restrict you colour palate for this classic design trend…

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