Kitchens Designs That Are Changing The Game

Kitchen Designs That Are Changing The Game

Once used a a purely practical piece of the home, kitchens can now be the focus of an interior and provide much needed impact into any shape or size home. Breaking away from the norm and creating a kitchen design that pushes the boundaries is not something to be laughed at. So many finishes and styles are now available in both bespoke options and your high street retailers.

You may have noticed in our 2019 trends post that we touched on kitchen backsplashes and after creating this we found ourselves drawn to the green marble. This then made us think about what kitchen designs are really changing the way for designers and what everyone should be looking out for in their kitchen design.

Green marble is gorgeous and unexpected. Moving away from traditional white and grey tones doesn’t have to be intimidating as this finish can be added in small or large quantities. If you really want to make an impact you can use this as a backsplash as we mentioned earlier, bringing this up from the worktop creates a seamless look. Small touches such as accessories around the kitchen will spruce up your current space with out breaking the bank.

Minimalist kitchens have been around for a while but we are now leaning more towards natural materials and very minimal wall cabinetry. This keeps the space feeling open and simple. By using a simple design the raw materials shine, this is when picking high quality materials is key.

Finally, one we were dubious about at first – colour blocking. Colour blocking has been around in fashion for years and has made its way into interiors in many forms. Now using different colours for your kitchen island and other cabinets is making its way to the forefront of trends for 2019. This can be done in more muted tones but make sure to not have a wishy washy look where the colours are slightly too similar and create more a muddy effect. Colour blocking can look stunning when done right as we have shown below.

Green Marble Kitchens
Minimalist Kitchen
Colour Block Kitchen