In The Making: Northwood – Formal Lounge

Today is the start of a new In The Making! Our Northwood private residence has a classic and elegant design with an abundance of bespoke furniture. Our client wanted a formal lounge that was functional for their family whilst being formal and relaxing. Heirloom items such as the Bergere chairs needed to be kept within the scheme but required re upholstery to transition them to the new design.

Lighting was as important on this project as it is on any other and our client wanted all different types; wall, table and ceiling. This meant finding pieces that went together whilst also being stand out pieces on their own. Heathfield & Co’s impressive collection of lighting allowed us to pick stunning pieces that could have customise-able shades which would flow the colour scheme throughout the room.

Making bespoke items mean that the client can have exactly as they would like, any size, colour, style; the list goes on. This client wanted a classic look with velvet finish and rich colours to accent the grandeur of the room. Navy blue and gold are mixed together both in pattern and plain fabric to create a seamless scheme. This room is now perfect for both entertaining guests and relaxing as a family.

This Northwood property has ongoing projects planned in different rooms so check back soon to see more of this classically designed home or for more In The Making posts click here!

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