How To Bring Purple Into Your Scheme – Interior Styling

We’ll admit, purple is not our favourite colour to use when interior styling. But when a client comes along that loves purple we will find the best scheme to go with their colour choice. We have a current client who loves purple and we have found ways to bring this colour into the final scheme without it feeling too overpowering. Having a neutral base such a grey or cream and layering this with various tones of purple such as aubergine, lilac and a more reddy tone will keep the interior looking contemporary and clean.

Mixing in brass or bronze with purple brings across the warmth that can be lost in some of the icier shades. We have included this in accents on lamps, feet on chairs and also in full pieces which we chose for our client. Using a deep shade on the walls can be lifted with tonal pieces and other finishes such as woods or paints.

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