Garden Screen: Why You Will Be Wanting One This Summer

NATURAL HEDGES, PLEACHED TREES, RED BRICK WALLS – most commonly boundary markers, they’re all beautiful ways of maintaining privacy or hiding a less than desirable view. What do you do, however, if you want a snappier result or your garden needs some effective “zoning”and you haven’t the time to wait for nature or the builders?

Garden screens are the solution and useful for practical purposes and a whole lot more. Screens of willow or hazel, hardwood or wood composite and various steel finishes can be applied in a multitude of different ways to achieve your desired result. But which to choose? Well, as a guideline metal finishes are new and dramatic and take up very little space; wood panels create a strong presence and blend well with other materials; and woven willow or hazel sits happily in a garden with a natural setting. However today’s manufacturers are so talented in their manufacturing processes and often able to offer a measure of bespoke either in choice of design or materials that laying down the law about suitability is not practical.

So, to set you off on the path of what would be right for you, here are some of our favourite inspirational images.

Lighting can be used in a dramatic way either in front or behind laser cut panels like these from Miles and Lincoln which are available in a variety of materials
Wood composite panels from Screen With Envy set up a sophisticated garden divider
Slatted wood panels from The Garden Trellis Company elegantly screen off this seating area
Willow screening looks great as a backdrop to an exuberant display of planting
BBQ heaven - a weathered steel or Corten screen from Screen With Envy keeps this area secluded
Slatted wood fencing from the Garden Trellis Company sets off the graphic lines of this modern area
Love an arch? Screen With Envy will create bespoke Corten or wood composite screens
Bespoke willow panels from brother and sister team Wonderwood discreetly screen off this area
Screens can be used as a decorative addition as well as for practical purposes
Willow screens hold back the hedging

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