How To Gear Up Your Interior For The Cold Weather

How To Gear Up You Interior For The Cold Weather

As the weather gets colder we are turning up the radiators and lighting the fires to get cosy after a long day at the studio. Nothing beats an open fire to get into the autumnal spirit and maybe even roasting a few marshmallows if you’re feeling fancy. Pinterest is full of inspiring images and we have picked out some fireplace designs which we have been saving for our current projects.

We have chosen three styles that cover all bases in terms of design and finish. Firstly looking at a modern scandi look which we have been loving lately coyurtesy of a new client who has an interest in Nordic design. This sleek yet cosy look shows raw materials mixed with smooth finishes like the wood stacked on the side of teh fire with a clean plastered wall with a simple wash of colour.

Next up we looked at a traditional fireplace design which really encapsulates the history of the house. This is a great style to adopt for houses with original features or one wishing to add a bit of character. Surrounding the fire with cushions, throws and comfy sofas makes this a perfect space to relax and unwind especially in the coming months.

For the uber contemporary readers out there which covers a lot of our clients as well; we have these stunning and simply suave designs. The simplicity of the shape of the fireplace make these contemporary. This means the design can handle a more statement finish such as the chevron marble or organic stone which is really shown off in a larger size.

Fireplace Inspiration
Fireplace Inspiration
Fireplace Inspiration