Fashion’s Influence On Interiors

After a week off from the blog and a very busy project week we are back with a new post! This post is definitely worth the wait as we share with you 6 fabrics which are inspired from this seasons must have fashion items.

In particular we are talking about the stunning Dior Book Tote which we have seen on the runway and in some seriously amazing Instagram shots. This bag has really made a statement as most of the patterns are vibrant or complex which makes the simple structure feel extravagant. After seeing these bags a few times we realised that some of the fabrics we were suggesting for a client look like they have come off the bags themselves. In particular the Casal Studio fabric with the bold stripe running across the print.

Mixing such colourful patterns can be scary but by using coordinating colours it makes the design look unified and sleek. This is the case with using these patterns in interiors as well. Using a solid base for example a sofa and then layering this with coordinating colourful cushions creates a sleek but interesting look. This can also be done in more monochrome tones as the Casal fabrics show. We have created a neutral scheme for one of our projects using the Casal Cinema collection.

Trends will always bridge the gap between fashion and interiors which is what makes the creative design industry so fascinating to follow. When you see the predicted trends for the year you will more than likely also see these on the runway and in fashion magazines.




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