ACCEPTING THAT FAKE PLANTS ARE OK is a bit like acknowledging that there’s no such thing as Santa Claus. It’s something you don’t really want to do but the evidence is overwhelming.

My own personal nemesis occurred in the iconic Abigail Ahern’s emporium in Islington when I spent a good ten minutes oohing and ahhing over beautiful floral compositions only to discover that they were fake. FAKE!  

These days though, I find myself in various interior establishments squeezing leaves and hunting out stems to establish whether the object of my admiration is real or false. I no longer have any inhibitions, today’s fakes are so good and while I will always opt for the natural when it’s possible, there are occasions when a fake is the only thing that will do.

Take for example our client who wanted that extra layer of colour and depth that plants bring around the house but was a frequent traveller and couldn’t guarantee caring for them. 

Or another who loved an inspirational image of trailing plants on a high kitchen shelf but wouldn’t be able to climb up to water them.

Of course then there are those who have whatever the opposite is to green fingers, usually the result of bad positioning or too much water. There’s not such thing as a dark corner or over-watering where a fake plant is concerned. 


And have you ever gone to great lengths to find the perfect plant for a spot only for it to drop its leaves, sprout long creepers all over the place or change colour? This is what nature does but sometimes, in our homes, and – whisper who dares – there are occasions when we’d rather it didn’t.

So, don’t be embarrassed to choose fakes if the real thing is not going to work for you. Think of them not as a substitute but as a practical alternative. A bit like all those fathers dressed up as Santa at Christmas…

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