Exterior Trends: Contemporary Homes

Moving Away From Grey

Welcome back!

Our blog has been on holiday for the last few weeks and we are back with new ideas to share with our readers.

A lot of our ideas come from projects we are currently working on and today’s post comes from exactly that. A client we have been working with for the last 7 months is in the process of building an extension as well as refurbishing their entire house interior and exterior – this is the case for almost all of our projects so we really like to get involved with the exterior design as well when creating these contemporary homes. This completes the look of the house and makes sure that the inside and outside work harmoniously together.

We have done hours of research to make sure we are hitting the nail on the head in terms of materials we use for the exterior and whilst doing this we noticed a few trends popping up to share with you.

Dark Cladding:

Cladding has been spicing up exteriors for a long time now but mostly in its natural wood toned state. We are now noticing a lot more painted or stained cladding coming in especially in dark colours such as black or deep brown. We have also been using a lot of composite cladding as it holds up a lot longer and doesn’t require any maintenance.

Pivoted Front Doors:

Pivoted front doors give a look and feel of luxury as you enter your home. This works really well when you have a large door opening as many houses are starting to choose nowadays. Sleek contemporary doors work the best for this design to give a very minimal and clean look.

Slim Profile Windows and Doors:

The slimmer the better is what we have been noticing in terms of window and door design. Frames do not want to be seen and if they are they are so slim you barely see them. This gives a contemporary look when used in open pane windows and a touch of a traditional look when used with iron inlay windows.