Designing Bespoke Joinery

Designing Bespoke Joinery

We design bespoke joinery for every project that we work on in order to bring across the high end feel our clients want to achieve. This is no exception in our Berkshire Renovation Project as our client is having eight pieces of bespoke joinery in their home.

Take a look below at the initial designs for the bar and storage joinery which will sit at the far end of the formal lounge. The doors in the middle of the design lead through into the dining room and can be full opened to create a free flowing space. The finishes we are using are completely personal to this project; a grey wood stain and spray metal finish will complete the look. Reeded glass will give privacy between the room whilst still allowing light to come through.

Our client really wanted a space they could entertain in but still kept practical storage solutions as they have a lot of possessions. The bar is located in the left hand side of the joinery with shelving acting as the bar top and slimmer shelves above this. The push open cabinets below on each side have adjustable shelving so that the client can store both small and large items. All of the shelves behind the glass will have LED lighting at the front to illuminate the clients glass and decanter collection.

These designs will be worked up further to show wood grain direction and then finally be rendered to show the client exactly what they will be receiving.

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