WE’RE AT THAT MOMENT IN THE PASSING OF A YEAR WHEN TIME SEEMS TO SLOW DOWN,  the sky seems to be forever cloudy and the prospect of going out of the house without some variation of a duvet in the shape of a coat is untenable! So where do we get our fix? Inside the home of course. If you’re looking around your home and it’s not making you feel good – and while you’re waiting for that interior designer driven makeover – what can you do to cheer things up? Whether it’s a short term fix in the form of instant action or a long term plan, here are some ideas.

Would a bit of bespoke joinery save you some space?
  1. Maximise your space: take a look around. Are there any areas where a bit of bespoke cabinetry might give you more room. Do you have any awkward corners or recesses that could be turned into a reading nook or a quiet space. Checkout Amazon and some of the amazing space saving gadgetry available there. Guarantee you, you’ll find things you’ve never dreamed of.
Awkward corners or spaces can be put to good use.

2. Have you heard of the experience cycle? It begins with planning, it grows with anticipation, you enjoy the experience and then you remember it. Souvenirs are part of remembering an experience. If you’re one for picking up items that hold memories along life’s way, display them around your home. They’ll make you feel grounded and remind you of past adventures.

Souvenirs bring back memories.

3. We all love to watch TV but don’t let it take over your home. Incorporate your TV into your interior plans – either hidden away or on display.

Incorporate your TV into your decoration.

4. Display living plants throughout your home. They reduce stress. It’s a fact.

Treat yourself to a feel-good plant.

5. Rid yourself of everything in your life that is not up to par: chipped china, faded cushion covers, linens that need repair. And if you’re keeping the best for Sundays, bring it out, use it. Make everyday a Sunday!

6. Not got time to go out and buy yourself some flowers? Forage for branches, berries and foliage and create a topical arrangement. Checkout Instagram – how many designers are displaying a single branch in a beautiful vase?

7. Don’t be driven by trends. Marion Falchi, creative director of Falchi Interiors, says “Trends only work if they suit your lifestyle”. While it’s good to be aware of what’s going on, be selective about what works for you. The most inspiring rooms are rooms that reflect personality, don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t built around everything matching.

Don't be a slave to trends, let your home reflect your personality.

8. Feeling the need to update a room quickly and without too much expense? A coat of paint is the least expensive way to do this, even if it’s just a feature wall.

9. Accessories are the easiest way to ring the changes and don’t have to break the bank. Indeed with the current love of all things vintage, a trip to the charity shop could reap rewards. Try reorganising your favourite books to tell a story – do you love travel, fashion, a certain author? Put it out on display. Regroup or reframe family photographs or collate artwork. Do you have a collection of something? How about displaying it in a new location?

Refresh your displays of artwork, books, accessories.

10. Stuck for ideas about where your interior is going. Create your own mood board. Spend some time on Instagram, Pinterest, in the library, to discover and define what you like.

11. Make things right. Have you been thinking about reorganising your wardrobing, rearranging your bookcase, repairing a duvet cover or oiling a sticky drawer. Now’s the time.

Tidy up that bookcase.

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