Photo: Paul Craig

If you’re looking to make your life feel more luxurious without spending too much money focus on the things that you use everyday.

“If you refurbishing a bathroom or kitchen on a budget for any reason, I always recommend investing in the fittings,” says Marion Falchi. “You may not be able to spend on the high end sanitaryware or kitchen units at this moment in time but a good quality tap or handle will give your room a sense of luxury.”

Photo: Todd Sutherland

Similarly, with fabrics. For cushions in your bedroom or living room that you’re going to come into contact with on a daily basis look for textures that feel good. If you’re replacing curtains, choose classics such as linen, the new hardy velvets or stripes whether printed or woven, that will look elegant and not date. For your bedlinen invest in the best cotton or linen you can. Many of the high street and online sources now produce affordable ranges.

If you are having cushions or curtains made or furniture upholstered discuss adding a trim with your designer. This will create something that is personal to you and exclusive and what bring you a sense of luxury whenever you pass by. Some trimmings can be as expensive as the fabric but bargains can be found on etsy, in high-street suppliers and markets.

Nurture your sense of smell. Whether it’s candles or diffusers, scented ironing-water, bed sprays, fresh flowers or artisan soaps. Scent is a powerful mood enhancer and doesn’t have to cost the earth. We have it on good authority that Lidl have a great range of home products. “I have a very fond memory of a friend who used Santa Maria di Novella pot pourri in her very stylish home,” says our Marketing & PR person Jaki Willson. “To this day it sums up a sense of friendship and good times.”

Photo: Todd Sutherland

Taking the time to eat at the dining table brings a sense of occasion into mealtimes. Set the table and savour the food in front of you and the time spent, whether alone or with family. What could be more luxurious?

When you’re next rearranging your accessories, books and photos in your home consider pulling together a little collection of items that have a connection. Jaki again: “I recently visited Buddha Eden in Obidos, Portugal – a memorable experience. I’ve grouped together a framed photo, my favourite buddha and a fabulous little china candle holder purchased at a nearby pottery. It reminds me of a special trip and gives me a buzz every time I notice it.”

Do you love to sit down for a cup of tea or a tipple in the evening? Be selective about what you drink your me-time brews from. Indulge in that bone china tea cup or beautiful wine glass whether it’s the only one left from the set or something you’ve had your eye on for a while and just treated yourself too. Me-time matters.

Photo: Todd Sutherland

While we’re talking tipples, now’s the time to create a bar whether it’s a tray, a trolley or a dedicated cabinet. The implications are manifold – that you have the time, the inclination etc etc! And what a great opportunity to display some stylish glasses, inspiring bottles and the ubiquitous ice bucket.


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