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We have found over the years that most clients have a requirement that only bespoke joinery or design will fulfil. We design and manufacture all types of furniture from full design and fit of kitchens, bathroom cabinets, media units, dining tables and wardrobes to bespoke doors, flooring and storage. We manufacture and make our bespoke joinery in Berkshire.

We offer a large range of finishes from veneers in oak, ash, maple and wenge either in matt or a high lacquer finish, antique mirrors to leather cladding, metal spray finishes in bronze, silvers and pewters. Whatever the client’s requirements we can usually manufacture it. Getting a brief from clients and presenting drawings with finishes is an exciting part of the bespoke interiors process and can give the final design a luxury finish. High quality is of the highest importance to us at Falchi to ensure each bespoke piece will last a lifetime.

Working with the client at every stage of the design process ensures that the final design is exactly what the client desired. Below are just a few examples of designs we have completed on behalf of our clients.

Bespoke Designs TV Unit
Bespoke Designs Kitchen
Bespoke Designs Staircase and Lighting
Bespoke Designs Drawer Detail
Bespoke Designs Handle Detail
bespoke joinery in berkshire
bespoke joinery in berkshire
Bespoke Designs Sliding Glass Doors Detail
Bespoke Designs Glass Sliding Doors
bespoke joinery in berkshire
turn key design service
Bespoke Designs Bathroom Bath
Bespoke Designs Storage Room