Alternatives To Solid Wood Flooring

Alternatives To Solid Wood Flooring

Most clients of ours come in with a strong idea of what flooring they would like. This may not be the exact colour or tone but usually the type of flooring whether this is tile, wood, carpet etc. More recently we have found clients that would like to see more options for wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is expensive and hard wearing but new options such as high quality vinyl and tiles are changing our opinion on what is best. Today we are sharing two wood flooring alternatives that are well worth considering.

This is definitely a project by project decision as we don’t feel one solution fits all clients or builds. Clients with larger budgets do tend to go for the solid wood because of what it is and the way it sounds under foot. However with ever changing technology and construction of wood flooring alternatives it is harder to tell the difference between real wood and its new challengers.

Vinyl flooring has been around for a long time and often gets a bad wrap for looking cheap and not lasting like a solid wood does. After seeing new product launches from various vinyl suppliers over the last few years we have seen this product come in leaps and bounds. We often will recommend this flooring to people who want longevity without upkeep as most vinyl are now contract grade and therefore can last over 3o years in high traffic areas. We were also really shocked at how realistic some of the planks looked, Karndean being one of the most realistic we have seen.

After sourcing wood effect tile for a client of ours we have been exposed to some of the highest quality wood effect tiles in the market. Cotswold Stone and Wood Tiles have a range called Wychwood which we were drawn to and ended up supplying for the project. Stone is a great way to go for areas that will also have under floor heating as this will keep the stone warm and there is no risk of warping. This is also great for flowing from living areas into bathrooms, keeping the same flooring throughout gives the feeling of space and looks sleek from room to room.

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