WHETHER YOU’RE THINKING OF SELLING OR JUST WANT A FRESH NEW LOOK,  updating your doorway can be fun and rewarding.

1. Change the colour
A lick of paint is one of the quickest, easiest ways to update your door appeal. You can choose a statement colour such as bright red or electric blue or a subtle elegant colour such as foliage green to blend in with the surroundings. Recent estate agent surveys have revealed that homes with a charcoal grey or black door on average sell for more than expected and even changing the sheen of the door can give it a refresh.

2. Add planting
Choose perennial plants to frame your door. If you have the space, layer those plants, tall at the back through to ground cover at the front. Think about pots of bulbs in spring or something flowering through the summer to shake things up throughout the year. Scented plants such as rosemary or orange trees, will make a difference.

3. Welcome mats
Don’t forget the doormat. This is a great way to add colour if you feel you need it, ring the changes without spending a fortune and express yourself.

4. Upgrade the hardware
This is a great opportunity to express you own personality. Marion Falchi, our creative director, changed her modern silver door fittings and blue painted door to black on black: “I love the impact! This wouldn’t work for an enclosed door space but I have a large porch to set it off.” Other ideas are on-point bronze or something with a hand-made look. And don’t forget your house numbers.

5. Change the lighting
Security lights are functional, but hardly set a mood. If you’re thinking to update your exterior lighting begin with a hanging lantern or a pair of wall mounted lights. Be brave, think big, this is one place where you can afford to exaggerate scale. If you want more, try adding layers: step lights, spots on architectural features, candle lanterns or even lighting set into planters around the area. Any of these could be battery-powered LED lights which come with built in timers.

6. Add a seat, stool or bench
Depending on your available space, this could be a stool, a box seat, a feature chair, in timber, metal or ceramic. Use it to add character and style to your porch but keep it practical, too.

7. Extend the reach of your front door
Easiest is to set a couple of large urns or planters to the outside boundaries of the door but if you want to go a bit further have a chat with your interior designer or architect and  invest in some creative brickwork or even a porch.

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