Contemporary RenovationWindsor

Conceptual design for a complete refurbishment of a property in Windsor…Start date July 2017.

The original 1960’s house has the potential to be updated without losing the integrity of the building.

The exterior cladding in parts has an aged Accoya wood stain that overtime will turn silver. The rendering has a dimpled affect and the finished colour is a deep soft white. The new windows are in a metal light grey and the contemporary front door finished in Oak to reflect the mature trees that surround this property.

The garden design by Decorum was integral to the overall interior design in Windsor as the existing garden sat directly onto the property making the outside space unusable. Our suggestion of taking the land mass back to create a pathway was incorporated into the scheme. Decorum took it a step further and designed a rustic pathway around the property, planting in between the stones and incorporating the 150 year-old Rhododendrons bushes, with rustic retaining walls and meandering stairs leading up to the child friendly garden area.

The outside has a major bearing on the inside, the interiors have stone and wood flooring and bespoke joinery designed to reflect this. To bring back the contemporary feel the bespoke kitchen has several finishes with brushed matt lacquer cabinets, wood and stone counter tops and coloured glass top cabinets.

The overall look is of a contemporary high-end finish using quality products, but has a simplicity in their design.

project featured image