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Feature walls are perfect for making a statement if you have a small room but even more perfect if it’s large! Transforming any room by using an unlimited number of materials and accessories, creating a feature wall emits your own identity within the home. Here are a few of our favorite ideas…

Glass and mirror can be incorporated into many designs including feature walls. Using antiqued and stressed mirror in a fretwork wall will add drama and remodel your room into a beautiful visual artwork!

Fretwork design wallpaper can work just as well, in a bold print surrounded by a few accessories it really stands out.

Tropical accent walls; for example this Cheapest Alprazolam are daring and adventurous. Tropical and exotic designs are really on trend this year making this a perfect time to include this. Forming an exotic feature wall will add in the statement trend to your home without going tropical mad!

Accent walls are brilliant for opening up smaller spaces; just like this bathroom brick inspired tile wall. Teamed with vibrant colours and accessories, this bathroom design certainly makes a bold vintage design.

Another feature wall design idea is this charcoal coloured honeycomb print tile. Combining these nature inspired tiles with Xanax Online Cheapsuch as this wooden basin unit creates an on trend and stylish space.

 One of our own feature wall designs is this glamorous diamond print wallpaper by Best Place To Buy Xanax Uk. This strong but elegant print looks fabulous on a feature wall, teamed with soft fabrics and mirror furniture.

Feature walls do not just work best as wallpaper or paint. This feature wall is an artificial plant wall accent, creating a relaxing environment and adding texture this accent wall is perfect for bringing the outside in for any room not just the bathroom!

Another one of our atypical accent wall designs is this home office design; we used a fun neutral toned bookcase wallpaper, needing nothing else to make an dramatic impression.

 Of course painting an accent wall a bold colour of your choice will shake the room up a bit, still focusing on one wall. There are so many colours you can choose from to do this, Can You Buy Xanax In Canada Over The Counterhave an amazing selection to get the right colour for you in what ever way you paint your feature wall. Dare to be bold and paint everything in the same colour including the; skirting, architrave and even the light switch!

This feature wall design idea uses neural and cool bleached colours to transform this room into a Xanax Online Next Day Deliveryliving room. Adopting a true Scandinavian style by using natural materials, light accessories and minimal design, and wood panelling as the feature wall. This design idea takes minimal effort to look beautiful.

You can design your feature wall in multiple ways, adding texture, colour and more to create a dramatic focal point whichever room you choose. Feature walls can be a representation of you and your personality. These are one of the best ways to make and individual design in your home!